Ycarus Gentoo ebuild


These ebuilds come from .

If you have some problems, go to the official site first.


billiard : Python multiprocessing fork ( https://pypi.org/project/billiard/ https://github.com/celery/billiard )

celery : Asynchronous task queue/job queue based on distributed message passing ( http://celeryproject.org/ https://pypi.org/project/celery/ )

click-repl : Subcommand REPL for click apps ( https://github.com/click-contrib/click-repl https://pypi.python.org/pypi/click-repl )

fastai : The fastai deep learning library ( https://github.com/fastai )

fastcore : Python supercharged for the fastai library ( https://github.com/fastai )

fastprogress : progress lib for fastai ( https://github.com/fastai )

proton-client : Proton account login backend ( https://protonvpn.com https://protonmail.com https://github.com/ProtonMail/proton-python-client )

pyro : Distributed object middleware for Python (RPC) ( https://pypi.org/project/Pyro4 )

wxpython : A blending of the wxWindows C++ class library with Python ( https://www.wxpython.org )

Add an ebuild in portage :

The ebuild is now in the portage tree.

You can also use layman : emerge layman then layman -a Miezhiko

For Paludis use this rsync : rsync://gentoo.zugaina.org/Miezhiko-portage

If you have a problem : ycarus(-at-)zugaina.org