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ciano : A multimedia file converter focused on simplicity ( https://robertsanseries.github.io/ciano/ )

ffsubsync : Automagically syncronize subtitles with video ( https://github.com/smacke/ffsubsync )

kikoplay : KikoPlay is a full-featured danmu player ( HOMEPAGE=" )

megapixels : A GTK3 camera application that knows how to deal with the media request api ( https://git.sr.ht/~martijnbraam/megapixels )

obs-vkcapture : OBS Linux Vulkan/OpenGL game capture ( https://github.com/nowrep/obs-vkcapture )

owncast : A self-hosted live video and web chat server ( https://owncast.online/ https://github.com/owncast/owncast )

syncplay : Client/server to synchronize media playback ( https://github.com/Syncplay/syncplay https://syncplay.pl )

tartube : A GUI front-end for youtube-dl ( https://github.com/axcore/tartube )

trakt-scrobbler : Scrobbler for trakt.tv that supports VLC, Plex, MPC-HC, and MPV ( https://github.com/iamkroot/trakt-scrobbler )

uxplay : AirPlay Unix mirroring server ( https://github.com/FDH2/UxPlay )

wlrobs : OBS plugin that allows you to screen capture on wlroots based compositors ( https://hg.sr.ht/~scoopta/wlrobs )

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Pour Paludis utilisez ce rsync : rsync://gentoo.zugaina.org/guru-portage

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