Ycarus Gentoo ebuild


These ebuilds come from .

If you have some problems, go to the official site first.


ctpp2 : Tool, separating data processing (business logic) from data presentation ( http://ctpp.havoc.ru/ http://ctpp.havoc.ru/en/ )

element : a Matrix web client built using the Matrix React SDK ( https://element.io )

etherpad-lite : A really-real time collaborative word processor for the web ( http://etherpad.org )

gitprep : Github clone. you can install Github system into your unix/linux machine. ( http://gitprep.yukikimoto.com/ )

grafana : Gorgeous metric viz, dashboards and editors for Graphite, InfluxDB and OpenTSDB ( http://grafana.org )

modsecurity : Open source, cross platform web application firewall (WAF) engine ( https://modsecurity.org/ )

privatebin : A minimalist, open source online pastebin where the server has zero knowledge of pasted data ( https://privatebin.info/ )

redmine : Flexible project management webapp written using Ruby on Rails framework ( https://www.redmine.org/ )

shoppinglist_backend : Backend for a Android based app called ShoppingList ( https://github.com/GroundApps/ShoppingList_backend )

synapse-admin : Admin UI for Matrix Synapse homeserver ( https://github.com/Awesome-Technologies/synapse-admin )

Add an ebuild in portage :

The ebuild is now in the portage tree.

You can also use layman : emerge layman then layman -a mva

For Paludis use this rsync : rsync://gentoo.zugaina.org/mva-portage

If you have a problem : ycarus(-at-)zugaina.org