Ycarus Gentoo ebuild


These ebuilds come from .

If you have some problems, go to the official site first.


cairo : A vector graphics library with cross-device output support ( https://www.cairographics.org/ https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/cairo/cairo )

gtk+ : Gimp ToolKit + ( https://www.gtk.org/ )

libxcb : X C-language Bindings library ( https://xcb.freedesktop.org/ https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/xorg/lib/libxcb )

pango : Internationalized text layout and rendering library ( https://www.pango.org/ )

talkatu : GTK widgets for chat applications ( https://keep.imfreedom.org/talkatu/talkatu )

wxGTK : GTK+ version of wxWidgets, a cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit ( https://wxwidgets.org/ )

Add an ebuild in portage :

The ebuild is now in the portage tree.

You can also use layman : emerge layman then layman -a pg_overlay

For Paludis use this rsync : rsync://gentoo.zugaina.org/pg_overlay-portage

If you have a problem : ycarus(-at-)zugaina.org