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albert : A fast and flexible keyboard launcher ( https://albertlauncher.github.io/ )

coffee : A news and weather feed for Linux ( https://nick92.github.io/coffee/ )

figma-linux : Unofficial desktop application for linux ( https://github.com/ChugunovRoman/figma-linux )

gitify-bin : GitHub Notifications on your menu bar. ( https://www.gitify.io/ )

gsubs-bin : A desktop app that finds you the perfect subtitle match for your videos ( https://cholaware.com/gsubs/ )

hardcode-tray : Fixes harcoded tray icons in Linux ( https://github.com/bilelmoussaoui/Hardcode-Tray" EGIT_REPO_URI="${HOMEPAGE}" SRC_URI="${HOMEPAGE}/archive/v${PV}.tar.gz -> ${P}.tar.gz )

nyrna : Simple program to pause games and applications ( https://github.com/Merrit/nyrna )

nyrna-bin : Simple program to suspend games and applications ( https://nyrna.merritt.codes/ )

plank : Elegant, simple, clean dock ( https://github.com/ricotz/plank" EGIT_REPO_URI="${HOMEPAGE}.git" SRC_URI="${HOMEPAGE}/archive/${PV}.tar.gz -> ${P}.tar.gz )

polychromatic : An open source RGB lighting management front-end application to customise OpenRazer peripherals on GNU/Linux. ( https://polychromatic.app )

rescuetime : A service that provides the user with the knowledge of how they spend their time while on the computer. ( https://www.rescuetime.com )

sportstracker : Application for tracking your sporting activities. ( https://github.com/ssaring/sportstracker" SRC_URI="${HOMEPAGE}/releases/download/SportsTracker-${PV}/sportstracker_${PV}-1_amd64.deb -> ${P}.deb )

temps-bin : A simple but smart weather app ( https://github.com/musicpro/temps )

wordpress-com : WordPress.com Desktop Client ( https://desktop.wordpress.com/ )

xwinwrap : Utility to replace a desktop background with a movie, screensaver, etc ( https://github.com/mmhobi7/xwinwrap" EGIT_REPO_URI="${HOMEPAGE} )

Pour rajouter une e-build dans l'arbre de portage :

L'ebuild est alors rajouté dans l'arbre de portage.

Vous pouvez aussi utiliser layman : emerge layman puis layman -a edgets

Pour Paludis utilisez ce rsync : rsync://gentoo.zugaina.org/edgets-portage

En cas de problèmes : ycarus(-at-)zugaina.org