Ycarus Gentoo ebuild


These ebuilds come from .

If you have some problems, go to the official site first.


ZenStates-Linux : Dynamically edit AMD Ryzen processor P-States ( https://github.com/r4m0n/ZenStates-Linux )

amdgpu-fan : Fan controller for AMD graphics cards running the amdgpu driver on Linux ( https://github.com/zzkW35/amdgpu-fan )

disable-c6 : disable the C6 state upon system boot, preventing Ryzen freezes ( https://github.com/jfredrickson/disable-c6 )

fan2go : A simple daemon providing dynamic fan speed control ( https://github.com/markusressel/fan2go )

geopmd : Global Extensible Open Power Manager (Daemon) ( https://github.com/geopm/geopm )

gtherm : A simple daemon to monitor thermal zones and cooling devices ( https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/gtherm )

gwe : NVIDIA settings alternative with overclocking, fan control, and information ( https://gitlab.com/leinardi/gwe )

linux-tools-power-x86 : Linux x86 CPU power tools ( https://www.kernel.org/ )

tlp : Optimize laptop battery life ( https://linrunner.de/tlp/ )

Add an ebuild in portage :

The ebuild is now in the portage tree.

You can also use layman : emerge layman then layman -a guru

For Paludis use this rsync : rsync://gentoo.zugaina.org/guru-portage

If you have a problem : ycarus(-at-)zugaina.org